Nippon Odour-less EasyWash Anti-Mould Ceiling White Paint
environmentally favorable green product formulated with anti-mould properties

Nippon Odour~less Anti-Mould Ceiling White is an environmentally favorable green product formulated with anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould.

It is formulated for ceilings especially damp areas such as kitchen and bathroom and area around air-conditioners.

Main Product Features

Special Anti-Mould Formula
Environmentally friendly green emulsion product
Non-toxic, does not contain lead, mercury and heavy metals
Anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould
Easy application and touch-up
Minimum roller splatter
Excellent flow and leveling which helps to minimize minor surface imperfections
Excellent coverage and hiding power

Nippon Paint Odour-less EasyWash

New Nippon Paint Odour-less EasyWash heralds a new category of ultra-premium odourless paints. With virtually no odour during and after painting and twice the washability of conventional interior paints, it's ideal for households with odour-sensitive and allergy-prone occupants, as well as homes with walls that require frequent washing.


Nippon Paint EasyWash With Teflon

Keep your walls clean with Nippon Paint Easy Wash, now with Teflon ™ surface protector technology. This premium washable interior wall paint allows you to wash off dirt and stains easily, more effectively than ever. 

Available in a wide range of decorative and unique colours, Easy Wash with Teflon™ allows you to freely express yourself. What's more, it's easy to apply and low on odour.


Nippon Paint Odour-less Premium All in 1

Odour-less Premium all-in-1 interior wall paint. Introducing our new breakthrough formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero. You get superb performance without the pollutant (VOC) emitted into the air. You will experience almost no paint odour during and after painting.

It's the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour.


Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh

Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh anti-bacterial paint has a special anti-bacterial formula, which offers protection from harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. 

3-in-1 Medifresh anti-bacterial paint is a long-lasting coat that promotes better hygiene and health, while keeping the surroundings clean and fresh.


Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk

Beautify your home with Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk luxury wall finish, adding sheer elegance to any environment with its soft, silky smooth interior paint finish. With its excellent adhesion and resistance to algae and fungus, Vinyl Silk isn't just about good looks, it's practical too. All of which makes it the definitive interior paint finish for a long lasting, luxurious sheen coating. Add a splash of silken sophistication to your life.


Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000

Decorate and protect your interior wall surfaces with Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000 Low Odour. A premium grade low odour emulsion paint, it delivers a beautiful smooth matt finish, in a choice of over 1000 colours, Designed to last and give good coverage, there's no better basic paint for your walls.

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